Fish Hydrolysate VS
Fish Emulsion based fertilizers

Fish Hydrolysate based fertilizers

AMAL GOLD ORGANIC PLANT SUPERFOOD (WET FORMULA) is a Cold Processed Hydrolysate made from 100% food grade fish protein. The protein is extracted from the frame of the fish after fillet removal. We process at a temperature of 150°F so we don't destroy the essential nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, growth hormones and vitamins. The protein molecule is reduced to single monomer amino acids with the introduction of enzymes. The result is a 15% liquid amino acid organic food product for plants.
The process breaks down the molecular bond of the protein making it easily absorbable by plants. We process within 90 minutes of the live fish being filleted. Fresh fish retains the vitamin and mineral wealth and does not smell. Oils and solids are removed to ensure the product flows through a 200 mesh screen. It is 100% water soluble.

Fish Emulsion-based fertilizers

Emulsions are products made from fish, too. The manufacturing process, however, is a little different. Manufacturers start by first removing the protein from the fish to sell as pet food or fish meal and removing the fish oil to make cod liver oil for human consumption. (The steam used to remove the protein is from chlorinated municipal water. The chlorine concentration can be as high as 14% in the final product!) Whatever remains after the removal of the protein and oil is then boiled down at high temperatures to a 50% solution. The resulting product is then packaged and sold as fertilizer.

Evaporating liquid down to a 50% solution requires intense heat for a prolonged period of time! (350-450°F is typical) This level of heat destroys all amino acids, enzymes, growth hormones and vitamins. Salt concentrations also double after the boiling down process.

Emulsions end up being thick like molasses. They smell badly and are hard to handle. They are known for clogging sprayers and getting stuck in holding tanks. They often contain heavy metals (like mercury) and PCBs.
The effect of fish emulsion-base fertilizers on plant growth is marginal and can lead to soil contamination from the heavy metals, chlorine and salt content.





  • 100% fish protein


  • trash fish

  • cold process/ live amino acids


  • boiled reduction / dead amino acids

  • no odor


  • strong odor

  • high phosphorous, vitamin & mineral content


  • low vitamin and mineral value

  • flows thru drip


  • clogs drip irrigation

  • heavy metal content - LOW


  • heavy metal content - HIGH

  • chlorine, salt content - LOW


  • chlorine, salt content - HIGH

  • ECOCERT compliant


  • non-ECOCERT compliant




  • certified organic


  •  ???

*EXTRA ALERT* Fish naturally contains approximately 2-3% nitrogen. If a company is selling a fish product and calling it an emulsion the product has been boiled down. The result is the heat sensitive compounds from the fish are denatured (destroyed), and the product cannot get the high nitrogen content in its analysis unless they add nitrogen from another source. If that source is urea or ammonium nitrate, you have a spiked product that is NOT ORGANIC.