In 2015, the percentage of families actually living on farms and ranches in the U.S. stands at about 2%. 100 years prior, the percentage of families living on farms and ranches stood at 32%. Where did the people go? The mass exodus migrated to the big cities to make their fortunes. America is no longer the agrarian society it once was. The family farms and the people who grew food on them have been displaced by giant agricultural monopolies. Because of this, there is now a tremendous disconnect between our food and us. Most people don’t know where the food we eat comes from, how it was grown, what it was grown with or who grew it.

The organic urban farming and gardening movement is about local people growing healthy food for themselves, their families and their neighbors in the “concrete jungle” of their neighborhoods and communities. These gardens can be found in backyards, schoolyards, rooftops and even on front lawns. Because a large amount of the growing is for personal consumption, a good portion of the food grown is organic. People seem to be more conscientious when they are growing for themselves. Some of the food is sold at Farmers Markets or sold directly to local restaurants and eateries.

100 years ago, the definition of “organic ” was not what it has come to mean today. All food grown back then was organic so people didn’t need a special name for it!!! The farmer didn’t use chemical fertilizers to fortify his soil. They didn’t even exist. The food was infinitely more nutritious because the soil had not been depleted of all the micro-nutrients and micro-organisms. The soil and the universe of living creatures in it were a national treasure and the bounty from them was the envy of the world.

Unfortunately, excessive chemical fertilizer usage has devastated the soil to the point where plants have nothing to absorb except the chemicals injected into the sponge-like void called our soil. Plants are provided a chemical enema of synthetic fertilizers to get them growing.

AMAL GOLD NUTRIENTS is a boutique manufacturer of custom-blended organic plant nutrients and organic insecticides for urban farms and gardens. Our products incorporate the traditional methods of plant nutrition, soil fortification and pest control used by the ancient indigenous peoples of the Americas and Asia. Our nutrient products feed your plants and revitalize your soil with ingredients that enrich. Our pest control products knock out the bad bugs and break down safely in the soil. Our products are made with the best organic ingredients and perform as well or better than synthetic chemicals. Our products are plant safe, pet safe, people safe and planet safe.

The trend toward better food awareness is definitely here. The bigger box stores are opening entire sections dedicated to “organics” for those willing to pay the extra money. The local communities concerned with price, availability, quality and transparency are taking matters into their own hands and growing their own food with ingredients they can verify and trust. AMAL GOLD NUTRIENTS is here for the little guy with premium organic products for the conscientious grower.