Organic Plant Fertilizer

If you’re a gardener who’s making the switch from chemical to organic plant fertilizer, you may be afraid that using organic materials will be more complicated and less convenient than using premixed chemical fertilizers. Not so! Organic plant fertilizer blends can be just as convenient and effective as blended synthetic fertilizers.

Amal Organic Plant Fertilizer

Amal Organic Plant Fertilizer is made with the freshest fish protein (No bones, scales or skin). Our blend of enzymes, break down the protein into short chain amino acids and polypeptides using our cold enzymatic process. (Low heat keeps the amino acids and polypeptides from being destroyed). The result is a liquid food product, rich in absorbable amino acids, protein, polypeptides, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The food readily absorbed by plants either through the stems and leaves or the roots.
AMAL GOLD ORGANIC PLANT FERTILIZER (WET FORMULA) is a Cold Processed Hydrolysate made from 100% food grade fish protein. The protein is extracted from the frame of the fish after fillet removal. We process at a temperature of 150°F so we don’t destroy the essential nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, growth hormones and vitamins. The protein molecule is reduced to single monomer amino acids with the introduction of enzymes. The result is a 15% liquid amino acid organic food product for plants.
The process breaks down the molecular bond of the protein making it easily absorbable by plants. We process within 90 minutes of the live fish being filleted. Fresh fish retains the vitamin and mineral wealth and does not smell. Oils and solids are removed to ensure the product flows through a 200 mesh screen. It is 100% water soluble.