Organic Plant Bug, Fungus and Mold Control

Organic Plant Bug, Fungus and Mold Control

Insects, mold and fungus rob plants of their vitality, stunt their growth and in some cases, kill them. These pests feed like vampires off the nutritious sap from plants. Piercing mouth parts of insects drain the vascular system and introduce plant viruses that can be lethal.
If the pest infestation is large enough, your plants can be wiped out. Pests can come through contaminated soil and even aerial drift, landing on the leaves and stems of your plants. Pests and diseases can also be transported into your garden on the clothing you wear or contaminated tools you use in the garden. Cleanliness and vigilance is of paramount importance. We recommend understanding the threats and being prepared.

Some organic farmers sacrifice up to 25% of their harvest for lack of an effective organic alternative.

“Know your enemy as you know yourself”

This famous phrase from the ancient Chinese book, The Art of War, should be your mantra when dealing with pests. Make your preparations, know your enemy’s weaknesses, act swiftly to protect your plants.

GURKHA ORGANIC BUG KILLER and KHUKRI NEEM LEAF POLISH contain an organic blend of botanical extracts derived from plants. They break down quickly in the environment and can be used any time of the year, all the way up to harvest. Although slightly acidic, they are non-toxic and quickly dissipate through evaporation.

GURKHA ORGANIC BUG KILLER and KHUKRI NEEM LEAF POLISH are safe for plants, pets, people and beneficial insects!

Soft body insects breathe through air-holes (spiracles) in their exo-skeleton. Foliar spraying the insects, the larvae, and their eggs with GURKHA ORGANIC BUG KILLER-FOLIAR FORMULA causes them to suffocate plus the acids in the extracts dehydrate their body fluids (desiccation), causing them to dry up.

The blend of botanical extracts also trap and neutralize mold and fungal infestations. The acidity kills a broad range of mold and fungus through a biochemical interaction on the spores. GURKHA ORGANIC BUG KILLER-FOLIAR FORMULA effectively handles the threat from powdery mildew, black spot, rust and scale, leaving your plants free to get back to growing.

GURKHA ORGANIC BUG KILLER-ROOT DRENCH FORMULA accomplishes the same objective in the soil. The insects, larvae and the eggs of the pests suffer the same fate: death by suffocation and desiccation.

Neem Oil has been used as a botanical insect repellant for centuries in Asian agriculture. The active ingredient, Azadirachtin, acts as an anti-feedant and hormonal disruptor to insects. Your plants become so un-palatable that insects will look to other plants for their next meal. Weekly applications of KHUKRI NEEL LEAF POLISH discourage insects, mold and fungus from getting a foothold in your garden.

Knowing the threats to your plants beforehand and making preparations to eliminate those threats is the job of the strategic grower. Anything less can cost you your time, harvest, money and be the difference between success and failure in your growing endeavors. GURKHA ORGANIC BUG KILLER and KHUKRI NEEM LEAF POLISH are the right choice for both the strategic and the conscientious grower.