Long Beach VA Hospital Gardening Sponsorship

Long Beach VA Hospital Gardening Sponsorhip

Veterans coming back from active duty encounter many challenges. After multiple tours and living a life of heightened risk, acclimating back into everyday civilian life can be daunting and frustrating. The Long Beach Veterans Administration Hospital has created a gardening program that is seen by many as an oasis for veterans. Here, former military personnel can work with other vets and put their energy and talents to good use in the cultivation of vegetables and fruits. The fruits of their labor are sold at local Farmers Markets and the proceeds go back into the running of the gardens. Doing the work in the gardens keeps the mind focused, provides a sense of purpose and makes the transition back into society a little easier for the soldier. 

AMAL GOLD NUTRIENTS is a proud sponsor of the Long Beach Veterans Administration Gardening Program. Our nutrient products have been used successfully in the cultivation of the gardens and we look forward to many more successful seasons of growing. 

This season, AMAL GOLD NUTRIENTS is launching our “One for One” organic plant nutrient purchase program. The program is designed to help provide the necessary tools for continued organic gardening success at the Veterans Gardens.

The deal is simple: We donate a 2.5 gallon box of Florifuel Organic Plant Superfood to the Veterans Gardening Program when you purchase a 2.5 gallon box of Florifuel Organic Plant Superfood. The box of concentrated nutrients is enough to make over 1890 gallons (at the recommended 5ml/gal) of organic nutrients to feed both plants and the soil in the Veterans Gardens as well as yours!! Florifuel Organic Plant Superfood stimulates root growth, improves plant structures, feeds the soil and increases the flavors in the vegetables and fruits you grow. 

Help us help vets help themselves and their communities. Together, we can feed some people, improve some communities and make a difference in the lives of some vets.

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