Dry Formula 3.5-2- 2

Seedlings and Transplants: mix ¼ to ½ tsp HVT-VEG per gallon of filtered water

Plants with 6-8 Leaves (Pre-Teens): mix ½ -1 tsp HVT-VEG per gallon of filtered water

Mature Plants: Mix 1- 1 ½ tsp HVT-VEG per gallon of water

***Can be used either as a Root Drench, Top Dressing or as a Foliar Feed***

Hand Watering/Root Drench: Slow-Pour 250ml of mixed solution at base of plant (Pre-Teens)

Increase the watering to 500ml as plant begins to add more leaves and fills in

Increase the watering to 1000ml of solution on mature plant

Top Dressing: Apply ½ tsp of dry product per gallon of soil in and around base of plant

Mix into soil with fingertips. Increase dosage gradually to maximum 1 ½ tsp per gallon of soil

Follow up by watering through with filtered water

Foliar Feed: Mix ¼ - ½ tsp HVT-BLOOM per gallon of filtered water

Let solution steep for 30 minutes. Strain tea and pour solution into back-pack sprayer

Starting at top of plant, spray leaves, branches and stalk/trunk working to underside of leaves

The plant will absorb the micronutrients, amino acids and proteins through the openings under the

leaves (stomata) as well as through the fruit, branches and stalk/trunk

Place the spent tea at the base of the plant, using it as a top dressing

*** The finer the mist when foliar feeding, the easier it is for the plant to absorb the nutrients***

Feed plants after sundown or in early morning

Feed plants 2-3 times per week

***Use immediately after mixing!!! Do not store mixed solutions***