Enrich L.A.

Support Our Future with the Enrich LA Program
A Tomas O'Grady Non-Profit

A successful organic gardening program in elementary, middle and high schools can promote health consciousness, food awareness and pride of achievement in students. Helping to promote positive change in our communities, AMAL GOLD NUTRIENTS provides plant growing instruction and donates our organic plant nutrient products to  school gardening programs across Los Angeles, Ca. Our non-profit partner in this endeavor, EnrichLA, continues expanding their list of school garden successes in both affluent and more economically challenged neighborhoods. Their mission, “a garden in every school”, inspired us to launch our “One for One” organic nutrient purchase program to help provide the necessary tools for continued gardening success. The deal - You purchase a 2.5 gallon box of organic plant nutrient, we match your purchase and donate the same to one of EnrichLA’s 62 school garden programs. Together, we can change how kids see and feel about their food. Visit EnrichLA.org