Higher Yields 101

Where do Higher Yields come from? Our research shows that bigger, sustainable yields are achieved when plants spend their time absorbing their nutrition more efficiently during critical growth stages of their development. The efficient absorption of nutrients and the minimizing of … Read More

Fish Hydrolysate vs Fish Emulsion

Fish Hydrolysate VS Fish Emulsion based fertilizers Fish Hydrolysate based fertilizers AMAL GOLD ORGANIC PLANT SUPERFOOD (WET FORMULA) is a Cold Processed Hydrolysate made from 100% food grade fish protein. The protein is extracted from the frame of the fish after fillet removal. We … Read More

Amino Acids 101

Amino Acids and Plant Stimulation The basic component of a living plant cell is protein. Amino acids serve as the building blocks of proteins. Proteins are linear chains of amino acids. Plants synthesize (create) amino acids from the primary elements: Water … Read More

Why it Works

Our Organic Plant Nutrient product is made with the freshest fish protein. (No bones, scales or skin). Our blend of enzymes, break down the protein into short chain amino acids and polypeptides using our cold enzymatic process. (Low heat keeps … Read More