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AMAL / a’ mal / Noun - a Hindi word/name meaning PURE

Organic Plant Nutrients

Our company creates the highest quality, premium organic plant growing and farming products for your plants, soil, gardens, greenhouses, lawns and farms. Our products are used in hydroponic and aeroponic systems, when growing in soil and also in soil-less mediums. You can use our products in conjunction with synthetic fertilizers to enhance their effectiveness or alone as an organic growing regimen. Our certified organic plant growing and farming products are all scientifically formulated, custom-blended, made in small batches and always contain the freshest and best ingredients. We source our ingredients from domestic suppliers to maintain quality control. We have our products analyzed by third-party laboratories to insure uniform quality, potency and consistency. All our organic plant nutrient products are manufactured, packaged, labeled and shipped from the U.S.A.

Our organic plant nutrient products, including FloriFuel, High Voltage Tea - Vegetative Formula (HVT-Veg), High Voltage Tea - Bloom Formula (HVT-Bloom), Grokane and Bloom Supercharger provide the highest level of absorbable nutrition for both plants and soil. We believe that nourishing your soil and feeding the microorganisms therein is equally as important as the feeding of your plants. The symbiotic relationship between the two is of paramount importance in production of quality flowers, vegetables and fruits. Each of our organic nutrient products is specifically formulated to provide the necessary nutrition for your plants at varying stages of their development. Our organic plant nutrient products are fish hydrolysate based: Carp from the Great Lakes and Cod from the Aleutian Islands. The organic plant nutrient products are high in absorbable proteins and amino acids.

Our organic plant pest control products, including Gurkha-Root Formula, Gurkha-Foliar Formula and Khukri-Neem Formula are scientifically designed to protect your plants from insects, mold and fungus. Our insecticides and insect repellants are made from non-toxic plant and fish oils (derived from our nutrient process) and are plant safe, pet safe, people safe and planet safe.

Our organic plant growing and farming systems are designed to work in concert with each other and are simple and easy to use. Absorbable organic nutrients that feed both plants and soil yield superior results. Organic insecticides and insect repellants keep the bad bugs away and your plants safe and happy.

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